Our Work

PMWE (in Spanish, Programa de Mentoria a MujeresEmprendedoras), is a program created by the «Imagen Mujer Foundation» to empower and strengthen the capacities of women entrepreneurs, especially those residing or operating in the vulnerable sectors of South Florida, who are struggling every day to achieve success in their endeavors. By doing so they can achieve economic stability, allowing them to have a better quality of life for themselves and their families.


PMWE is a program aimed at women:

With entrepreneurial restlessness

With an idea or business project

With a modernization or expansion plan


PMWE of «FundaciónMujer Imagen« is focusing all its work on two areas, which we have divided into:

First Area: I want to be an entrepreneur

Second Area: I am already an Entrepreneur

More information please send email : mujerimagen@teamimagen.com , subject : Mentoring Program.


The «FundaciónMujer Imagen» is currently carrying out its scholarship plan, aimed at girls (6 to 11), and young people (12 or older) who want to become confident women and leaders of tomorrow, especially those who reside in vulnerable sectors of South Florida. This program is carried out thanks to the support of «Imagen Modeling by la Gatita», property of the well-known radio personality, Betzy Vázquez, better known as «La Gatita de la Radio».


Imagen Modeling by la Gatita mission is to provide its students with all the necessary tools to assure that it’s attendants become proud and confident in themselves, so that they can make better decisions in their future. More than preparing them to be models, we educate them for the «catwalk of life».


More information please send email : mujerimagen@teamimagen.com , subject : Scholarship Program.


The «Mujer Imagen Foundation» is ready to provide relief to the community at all times, especially when help is needed the most. Thanks to a group of volunteers, we went to help communities affected by natural disasters and catastrophes.

More information please send email : mujerimagen@teamimagen.com , subject : Community Scope.

Mildred Bejarano