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Mujer Imagen Foundation our main objective:

To empower and strengthen the capacities of women entrepreneurs, especially the ones that are apart of vulnerable sectors in South Florida, who fight daily to ensure the successes of their business ventures, and in this manner, reach an economic stability that will allow them to attain a better quality of life for themselves and their families.


«Mujer Imagen Fundación», was created in November 2013, by the «Imagen Magazines Business Group», with the purpose of socially projecting to the community and promoting the benefits for women entrepreneurs who want to achieve success in their business, by helping them obtain economic stability for themselves and their families, and also become a source of employment opportunity. We can achieve this by working alongside other people, and entities that would like to support and participate proactively in the process of business growth of these women, by providing education, training, opportunities, and any other strategic developments that can be considered a tool to achieve success.


To reiterate the support from «Imagen Magazines», to each and every Woman who has an enterprise and, who with their hard work and effort, have managed to become entrepreneurs, because they are protagonists of the present, and the future of our presence as Latin Women.


Contribute to the development of Women and their families by promoting and supporting Latina entrepreneurs through motivation, training, counseling and financing programs.


To be recognized as a leading entity in the promotion, creation and development of competitive women entrepreneurs, becoming an important part of their transformation and development throughout their journeys.

Mandy Llanes


Ale Rendón

Vice President

Angela Calderón























Advaisor Council

Aleyso Bridger – Chair


Vilma Medio

Gelien Pérez

Claudia Márquez

Ana Pagan

Anly Calderón

Luisa Rangel

Sussette Prada

Drialys Muñoz